Stolmen vertical pot rack

This is a terrific idea from Andrew. A pot rack in the corner of the kitchen, standing almost sculpture like. 

“I thought people here would be interested in the pot rack I devised for our recent kitchen renovation. While we added plenty of storage to the space, I prefer pots to be easily accessible, but we did not want to have them hanging from the ceiling in the center of the space. Fortunately, we had a small corner of unused space between a cabinet and entryway that was sized just right for a column of pots. Our system uses one pole from the Stolmen shelving system ($30), a handful of double-sided brackets (6 for $15), and Grundtal hooks of two sizes (5 for $3). It is extremely sturdy, can easily hold hundreds of pounds of pots, and is held in place with pressure alone, obviating the need for screws and making it easy to disassemble and move to another location. (The Stolmen system is meant to be screwed in place on both ends, but once I had it up, it was clearly solid enough to stay put without them). I hope this is helpful.”