Time to put on some new skin

It’s amazing what new skin can do to furniture. These from Anna of Forty Two Roads look simply gorgeous with new fabrics.

Anna writes, “I recently reupholstered some furniture in my house with Ikea fabric (from the As-Is bins, where I usually hunt for cool fabric pieces). I’ve really been loving the new patterned fabric that Ikea has been coming out with – and to get some pieces for cheap from the As-Is department is doubly awesome!”

The first is a rather straightforward redo of the Bonny/Verksam office chair, with googled “how to reupholster office chair” instructions.

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Next we have this rocking snail (inset) that’s not so cool with the kid anymore. No fear. Snail grows up into a chic rocker. Anna shelled the snail and found that it had pretty cool-looking guts, which I totally agree. I think it would have made a sweet ride with just a coat of paint and a padded seat.

With more As-Is fabric goodies, Anna reupholstered the ride into this:

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