Henriksdal gets a dye job

Tina adds a splash of colour to her Henriksdal barstools simply by dyeing the cover.

Tina says, “After experiencing several months of long, black cat hairs and wine spots on our white Henriksdal barstool seat covers, I decided to dye them.

Being a fabric artist and frequent dyer, I was already familiar with a low-water immersion dyeing technique from Ellen Anne Eddy.

I prepared several colors of Procion MX dyes, in an analogous color range (yellows to greens to blues to plums and purples), dabbed them on with a makeup applicator sponge, then set the four covers to cure in four quart-sized baggies. After scouring them (hot, extended machine washing with dye-fixing detergent), I was happy to see that they survived without shrinking or falling apart.

The new covers not only coordinate better with our wonderful bright green dining chairs, but add a nice, much-needed splash of color to our all-white kitchen and ties it better to the adjacent outdoor garden patio.”