IKEA Kallax Kitchen Corner Seating

What we needed was a flexible corner seating for the kitchen. Challenge: the radiator was not to be covered completely.

This is what you need:

  • 2 x KALLAX 1×4
  • 12 CAPITA legs 8 cm stainless steel (3 packs)
  • fabric of your choice (Sofia waxed cloth in our case)
  • 2 boards 200 x 40 x 1.8 cm
  • 1 board 109.5 x 40 x 1.8 cm (depending on fitting corner)
  • 8 carpet tiles 40 x 40 cm (self-adhesive felt)

IKEA Kallax Kitchen Corner Seating Tutorial

First, assemble the KALLAX shelving units.

Put CAPITA legs on one side (6 on each KALLAX). Then, arrange the KALLAX units in the corner.

Assemble KALLAX

Carefully measure the seating area. We had the shelves cut in the DIY-Store to fit exactly.

Cut shelves to fit

Next, we glued felt tiles onto the top of the shelving unit.

Glue felt tiles onto shelves

Then, on a large surface (we used the floor) lay out the fabric faced down.  Next, gently, place the first plank for the seats on top.

Staple the fabric to the back of the board. Proceed with the other board. Use left-over felt on the bottom side of the seating board.

Make the seat

Screw back rest to wall

Then, screw the back rest to wall using appropriate fixings. The last step is to hot glue the seats to the KALLAX units.

Decorate and enjoy.

Thanks to the hot glue the KALLAX kitchen corner seating can be arranged differently or decorated in different colours when needed.

The CAPITA legs make the bench a little higher than a regular chair. Perfect for children and easily removable when they grow up.

 Kallax Kitchen Corner Seating

~ Julie Christiani, Hamburg

Updated: June 11, 2019

Since the children have grown I had already removed the legs some time ago. Now it was time for new fabric and new foam. We also decided to change the fabric from the stripes to a plain black.

What I needed:
  • 4 m upholstery fabric
  • 6 m foam material (4 cm thick for the seat, 2 cm for the back)

So, I first removed the old fabric and glued the foam material to the boards.

IKEA kallax kitchen corner seating

Then, I stapled the new upholstery fabric to the boards. Took me less than two hours and about 60€.

And it looks brand new.

IKEA kallax kitchen corner seating