TV unit with subwoofer space

IMG 2821

Charles hacks a neat TV stand from Ikea kitchen cabs. Similar cabinets, like this one, sells for much more.

He says, “I’ve been busy building a new TV stand for the in-wall ‘nook’ in my living room. I took some Ikea cabinets, put 3 of them together, made it more sturdy, added wheels, and customized the heck out of it. I just need to reinforce the back, and put side-panels on. It didn’t come out too bad, and it’s got a nice space for the subwoofer in the center now.”

IMG 2821
Extending the cabinet

IMG 2817
Top created and put together

IMG 2816
Top goes on top of this

IMG 2805
Top gets screwed on

IMG 2815
Making the subwoofer space

IMG 2800
IMG 2801
Custom base installed

IMG 2820
Almost done

IMG 2826
IMG 2829
Jules Yap