TV stand with space for center channel

Materials: VIKA FURUSKOG (Table top X2), Capita (Legs 12), Table Saw, Router, Palm Sander, Paint

Description: 1) Materials Required include two Ikea VIKA FURUSKOG pine wood tabletops; one 47inch and one 59inch. Four sets of Ikea CAPITA legs; one four pack of 4″, one four pack of 8″, and two two packs of the inclined 7″ supports. Ikea cabinet knobs of choice

Also required non Ikea items a include 1/4″ pre-sanded board for doors, and to obtain a glossy finish include one quart of oil primer, one quart of gloss rustoleum, and sandpaper in around 200, 1000, and 1500 grit.

2) Cut the 59″ table in half using a table saw
3) Cut the 47″ table so that one of the cut boards is the same width as one of the 59″ boards.
4) Using the remaining 47″ bits to cut shelf ends as seen in pictures.
5) Use the router to countersink holes for the leg mount plates, and to create slots for the sliding doors.
6) Drill holes for all mounting plates, for the angled mounting legs, and for the door knobs.
7) Lightly sand with 200grit where required and prime two coats with an oil based primer.
8) Sand the primer with 200grit and then apply two coats of an oil based paint (I used white rustoleum mixed 1:1 with mineral spirits to speed up drying time and to prevent high runs).
9) Wet sand with 1000grit and reapply two more coats.
10) If satisfied with the finish wet sand with 1500grit and then buff with a light cut automotive buffer, other wise repeat step 9 till satisfied(I got tired and decided to live with the imperfections scattered throughout the paint).
11) Clean out mounting locations with chisel and screw on legs( I used slightly larger diameter screws purchased at the hardware store)
12) Assemble and enjoy

~ Art Newman, A2 Michigan

Jules Yap