An extra surface for your work top

Another work station. Lawrence was looking for ideas for ways to increase the vertical space on his Galant desk and decided to assemble a platform for the needed flat surface.

He says, “The desk is really deep but a lot of this space gets wasted so I needed some vertical space. I saw people on your site had basically gotten random shelves/doors/pieces of wood and just stuck legs of them so that’s what I decided to do. I made the plinth type thing by buying a Lack side table and attaching 4 21cm (8″) Capita legs to it. I think it fits in really nicely with the desk and provides me with some more room, it also overhangs the gap at the back where I wouldn’t have been able to put anything otherwise.

Not quite a hack but I really took the cable management to town using a Signum cable trunking thing and a lot of cable ties. I also attached some cheap CCFL lights under there that cost about £8 with delivery for four from They’re just hooked up to the computers power supply and have a separate switch to turn them off.”