Mini-hutch for desk

DSC 5212428 724505
DSC 5212428 724505

Materials: Ikea CD holders (discontinued)

Description: I got these second-hand from a friend years ago. Since we stopped buying CDs we had no more need for them.

DSC 5210 722060

Another problem is that we had them stored for almost two years, wrapped in adhesive tape, and they got some permanent marks on them.

I pried off the two bars on top for stacking the boxes and installed them inside. Then I sanded the boxes, and joined them with wood glue and nails. I painted them white with enamel.

I got 4 plastic baskets from the Dollar Store and they fit perfectly inside. They are now the “drawers”.

DSC 5216 726630

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~ Clara In Paradise, Dominican Republic

Jules Yap