Floating Bookshelves – an IKEA BILLY hack

floating bookshelves IKEA Billy

I love this floating bookshelves, IKEA version.

The BILLY bookcases seem to take on a new lightness when hung on the wall. It gives it an almost library-feel to it.

Also, furniture off the floor is the way to go for me. Makes cleaning so much easier, eh.

floating bookshelves IKEA Billy

Karine Schenkeveld and Erik Roscam Abbing from Rotterdam, The Netherlands turns a $59.99 bookcase into a fancy designer object.

How they made their IKEA BILLY floating bookshelves

They tell me, “All we did was cut off the bottom part of the vertical elements underneath the bottom shelf. Next, we mounted nine steel L-brackets per bookcase to the wall. (Comes up to three per fixed BILLY shelf.) Then, we just mount the BILLY bookshelves on to the brackets.

Pretty simple, but everyone thinks we had these floating bookshelves custom made for us.

Some people are worried that they’ll come off the wall. But come on, there are 18 (!) 8cm (approx 3″) screws per floating bookshelf. And the load is almost completely vertical: no problem.”

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