Daybed reading nook with IKEA bookshelves

Daybed reading nook with IKEA bookselves

Jessica shares her IKEA hack — a daybed reading nook — made from 4 BILLY bookcases. It’s amazing how it turned out.

They used 1×4’s and 1×6’s to built bases for the shelves and the daybed portion. Then, they cut plywood to size to top the daybed and cover the bases.

Daybed reading nook with IKEA bookshelves

Once the bases were done, they mounted the bookshelves on top of the boxes. The two larger ones face in towards the daybed and the smaller ones face out for additional storage.

Daybed reading nook with IKEA bookshelves

Jessica used brackets to fix the BILLY bookcases to the bases and the wall, near the top. As a finishing touch they trimmed out the BILLY bookcases to give the daybed reading nook the built-in look.

Daybed reading nook with IKEA bookshelves

See more photos and details of the daybed reading nook on Jessica’s blog.

~ by Jessica of House Homemade

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