TV shelf with door stoppers for legs

This is neat. Door stoppers as legs for the Lack shelf. Kudos, Scott.

The door stoppers are aluminium rubber-tipped door stoppers and fixed to the bottom of a Lack wall shelf using the screws provided. It also happens to be the perfect snuggle height for his DVD recorder and sound system.

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Updated! February 23, 2009
Door stoppers as legs for computer shelf
Brian stumbled upon the above entry when he was looking for a monitor stand to use in conjunction with his laptop.

“I stole most of the idea from “Scott’s Lack TV Shelf”.

Hensvik Ikea Shelf – $9.99
4 Door Stoppers – $12.00


It took about 10 minutes to measure and then screw in the 4 door stoppers! Super easy and cheap project!”

Jules Yap