For your reading pleasure

I know quite a few people who enjoy a read in the restroom. But problem is, there’s not always an easy way to store all those magazines. Terry hacks this magazine holder that not only holds a neat collection of mags but has a place for scented candles too.

He says, “I have made a magazine rack, mainly for the restroom. Since that’s where we do most of our reading. From the As-Is department, I purchased a Vika Lerberg Trestle, some hanging trays/holders (I don’t know the name of this product), and some rods. Also I bought a new Dokument pen cup and a Tindra candle.

I drilled holes in the side of the Vika Lerberg. Then I took a hacksaw to the rods for the correct length. After a new paint job and attaching the Dokument cups, here’s our new magazine rack!

I used both Dokument cups as it can accommodate large candles as well as smaller tea lights. Of course, scented candles in the restroom is a plus.

Jules Yap