Ikea makes pizza delivery a breeze on your bike

Always wanted to cart home piping hot pizza on your bike? John who has a “Freeloader” hauling attachments on his bike (a recumbent) is hot to go up to Ikea and get the parts needed to make his a PizzaLoader, a brilliant idea from Xtracycle. A Gorm shelf and Lansa door handle make this pizza loader for bikes possible.

Visit Xtracycle for your PizzaLoader instructions.

Updated! February 23, 2009
John sent me pictures of his PizzaLoader.

He says, “Here’s the completed PizzaLoader (with kind of a yucky-color stain, but it’s what I had handy).

I had to go to the hardware store to get some longer bolts to fasten the Xtracycle snaphooks to the bottom of the Gorm shelf.  The Lansa handle worked perfectly to provide a “backrest” bar, which will also be a good connection for the little tiedown straps that Ikea has for packing your stuff on your cartop.”