Stolmen Bike rack, all Ikea items

Materials: 2 x Stolmen poles, 4 x Stolmen hooks, 4 x Stolmen brackets . Optionally, you can add more hooks to hang additional items (helmet, jacket…)

I needed to put in order my 3 bikes in a very reduced space. I also had 2 stolmen posts and accesories lost somewhere in my apartment, from and old stolmen closet distribution. I searched the web and found Ikeahackers and some good ideas. A pretty good solution was “Stolmen bike rack“, from Michael. But was disappointed about getting an aluminum pipe, with holes and screws, and fixing it all.

So, my final design was:

1. Fix the two poles aproximately 105cm separate. It’s the distance between the hubs of the bike.
2. Just place the hooks at the desired height.
3. Playing with different heights you can level the bike, leave space at the bottom to place another bike (just like mine).
4. I also add additional hooks where I hang my helmets!

Can’t be so easy! And it took me only half an hour. The trick is to take measure of the bike, the separation from the wall, and leave the hooks not so tight in order to move them with the bike hanged.

~ Robert, Barcelona