4 super easy magazine file hacks and ideas

I’m sure you have a few magazine files tucked away in your home. Some used but looking shabby. Some still in their plastic wrap. Don’t waste them. Why not take get a magazine holder and hack it. Here are a few magazine file hacks to get you going.

#1 Magazine file hacks for FLYT

Mod Podge it

This is one of the best ways to make your magazine file blend in with your decor. The FLYT magazine file is plain and boring. Nicole covered the FLYT magazine files with wrapping paper and Mod Podge.

magazine file hacks
Paint and string it
FLYT magazine holder in orange

I was in need of some new magazine files and was working on a shoestring budget, so my best option was the FLYT magazine files that came in 5 pack for $2.99. Since white was boring, I decided to give them a couple coats of paint. I then used a glue gun to apply sisal roping around the edges to cover the unfinished cardboard. They don’t look like they are cheap Ikea magazine files any longer. Read more.

#2 Moving magazines?

Here’s an idea from Kyle to ensure that your nicely sorted magazines do not end up all unsorted when moving. Also great to keep them dust free.

super easy magazine file hacks
magazine file hacks

He says, “Moving magazine that you’ve already organized into files (KASSETT, for example) is not very rewarding.

You can’t just throw the magazine files into the moving truck and if you take the magazines out and into a box you still have to find a place for the files.

To solve this problem I took the inexpensive and ugly FLYT magazine files (2.99 for five) and put them upside down in my KASSETT magazine files. They fit tight and neatly without any tape (although I used some for extra insurance).”

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#3 Flower power for the KASSETT

Katie gave the plain white KASSETT magazine files a little love. Each flower handpainted with acrylic paint.

super easy magazine file hacks
super easy magazine file hacks

#4 Magazine file puzzle

sistine chapel on magazine holder

I decorated the KNUFF magazine holders with a jigsaw puzzle featuring Michelangelo’s famous fresco of the creation of Adam. See the tutorial.

Do you have magazine file hacks filed away (pun intended) somewhere? Submit it here.