A must-have jewelry organizer

Monique debuts with a jewelry organizer. Just a simple tweak and the Atran bathroom cabinet becomes a jewelry storage cabinet. I’m loving it.

She says, “My Ikea hack, the first one so far, is of an Atran bathroom cabinet. I needed something to store away my jewelry, more specifically earrings. I wanted something that would conceal them away from my sight, but at the same time that I could easily see them all easily.

A cabinet was the solution but I couldn’t find anything affordable that had the sleek look I was going for. So, on one of my trips to Ikea I found this Atran cabinet that was everything I was looking for, the color was perfect, the sleekness… the shelves inside. I wanted something that if my earrings fell, they wouldn’t go flying around, something would hold it so they wouldn’t fall on the floor, that’s where the little shelves came into play. I bought two and put them side by side, used kabob sticks I had around the house to make those mini rods to hang my earrings, bracelets etc from. I attached them to the cabinets with magnets since the cabinet is metal and I wanted something completely removable and that wouldn’t harm the piece.

I used industrial glue to attach those little beads. By doing that I was able to attach the 2 magnets together so they would be able to hold the kabob sticks in between them and at the same time stay a little flexible to fit on the doors and also to save money by using things i already had around the house, like the glue, the string of beads, kabob sticks and some magnets.

It’s really functional and I’m very happy with it.”

Update! Here are more close up photos from Monique.