Hack a DJ console

Pim Hansen builds his own DJ console from scratch, with the help of a few choice Ikea pieces.

He says, “After roaming Ikea for hackable pieces of furniture for my new DJ console I had to conclude building it from scratch (out of MDF) was the only option. I would have had to buy to much Ikea items (and spend double the money) to come to the same result. Conclusion after the build: I’m never going to paint MDF again.

I found a couple of useful Ikea items I did use though:

The Vika Curry table leg, which is only $5.00 a piece. I used a pair of them as (dirt cheap) speaker stands:

Circular holes were drilled in the top ‘shelf’, the Vika leg rests on the second shelf, it isn’t fixed in any other way. This construction doesn’t create any vibration (or feedback) from the speakers, it’s simply a nice and cheap solution. And a couple of Lampans (not found on website) to complete the console:

The console was partly inspired by Djfurniture. When I have the space I’d like to copy a hoerboard or this console or save myself some money and hack an Expedit.

Click to see DJ Ikea console instructions.