IKEA TV wall module from closet doors

IKEA items used:

  • LACK
  • BESTÅ Glass shelf
  • 60 inch HDTV
  • And other from hardware store.

Recently I moved to my own apartment and I decided to renew my ​​study / entertainment room. Found some inspiration on the internet and I thought of using IKEA products.

The most interesting part of this project is that it uses some products that are not for that purpose (it is a hack!! :). For example the panels are the “ILSENG” which really are for closet doors and “TINGSRYD” are used for drawer fronts in modular kitchens, here were used as shelves.

IKEA TV wall module -tv-mount-sketch


1. Fixed 8 ILSENG panels to the wall (requires 36 screws, one in each corner).

2. Fixed LACK shelves above the panels (the panels do not have much thickness, so it is not difficult to make holes for fixed shelves).

3. Fixed 2 TINGSRYD Drawer front to the wall. I Use two small L brackets and paint in black.

4. Fixed TV wall mount above the panels (make sure you stay well centralized and use a wall mount that is right for the size of your TV).

5. Fixed UPPLEVA above the panel. (Paint it part in black).

IKEA TV wall module - uppleva

IKEA TV wall module - overview

IKEA TV wall module from closet doors

LACK shelving for TV panel

TV panel decor

BESTA unit to house media equipment

IKEA TV wall module

Lack shelving for TV wall module

living room

6. Assemble BESTÅ TV module where you will place the glass shelves and your electronics.

7. Finally add decoration in the shelves.

Enjoy your beautiful wall module for your TV.

~ Natanael Fernandez