Ram frames wall art

Israa uses Ram photo frames to create wall art, instead of framing art, with surprising results.

She says, “My hack is a modern wall art made out of Ikea Ram frames: I have always loved the look of sophisticated looking modern art pieces and I have to say that this project did it. For me, to make this look, I used 12 Ram frames in the following sizes:

3 50x70cm (approx 19.5″x27″)
3 30x40cm (approx 12″x16″)
3 21×30 (approx 8″x12″)
3 10×15 (approx 4″x6″)

I used a strong double sided stick foam tape to mount the frames, which worked great as the frames are very light weight. The biggest frame was mounted first. The other 3 frames are actually glued one on top of the other and set inside the big frame, which gives it kind of a 3D look. I used spray colour to paint the frames with black, silver, and purple. I have to say the picture does not do the art much justice as it looks more sophisticated in real life. I think it’s the lighting. But you can see my cat Mimi enjoying it.”

ram frame
ram frame

Jules Yap