Handsome makeover for ugly AC unit

If you remember Alex’s gorgeous loft, you’ll know that he won’t settle for ugly. Here’s the latest hack in his ongoing loft project.

He says, “I have this really ugly ‘motel’ style ac unit that did not fit with the rest of my loft and created an unusable and unsightly area. The problem was that I rent so I had to leave the ac unit untouched, and of course, usable.

The solution I came up with was this. I found a pallet full of laminate flooring (Tundra) in the as-is section of Ikea for $14.00 a box. I bought two boxes in case I messed up some cuts and glued them to two plywood panels (Lack) cut to the size of the unit. I made an ‘L’ shape and attached the panels to the wall with brackets thus leaving the ac unit untouched. I then trimmed all the edges with aluminum strips from home depot.

Next problem was how to finish off the top where there would still be air flow into the room. I finally arrived at what you see here. I found some Cabinet legs in the Ikea as-is section for $8 and bought a white table top from there as well at full price (around $30). I cut the table top down width ways and attached the legs. That piece rests on top of the panels allowing air flow and access to the controls. The grass on top is fake from Michael’s crafts and cost around 5 bucks a square.

Anyway, I still have a few more things to do like lighting and painting a graphic of one of my photos but so far I am happy not to have to look at that ugly ac unit again. The space is finally usable and I think, attractive. I am sure that I am not the only one with this type of problem.”