Custom lamp from 2 Ikea items

Materials: Old Ikea Lamp, Ikea Anno Inez curtain panel

Description: I had an old, discontinued Ikea floor lamp with a paper shade (predecessor to the DUDERO). The paper became shabby and torn after a few years with kids, so I decided to create a new lampshade.

First, I cut off as much paper as possible from the metal rings that held the shade, then soaked the rest off with water.

I took one Anno Inez curtain panel and cut the length of the panel into four equal pieces. I layered 2 pieces on top, an 2 pieces on the bottom, and sewed them together in the middle. Then I sewed a long tube to fit the metal rings that used to hold the paper shade.

I mounted the fabric tube on the top ring with pins, and then hand-sewed it on. Repeat with the bottom ring.

The layered fabric looks very pretty when the light is on.

~ Birgit