Multi-tiered charging station

Florence does have a mother load of gadgets. And this has to be the charging station to rule over them all.

She says, “This may seem like overkill but once we took an inventory of all our phones, cameras and gadgets we decided to create a super charging station. Those desktop versions with two or three outlets just don’t cut it for a couple of techies.

We finally settled on the Malm 6-drawer chest to accommodate our storage needs. All of our small, rechargeable electronics are now neatly corralled in one location along with their cables, accessories and documentation.

The top shelf with the flip up lid contains the actual charging station. A series of holes cut into the Malm backboard provide access for the charging cables. The cables are labeled and plugged into a nine-outlet power strip. (In its temporary location the power strip is attached with velcro to the side of the Malm chest. It will be relocated to the back of the unit.) With the toggle switch mounted at the top it’s a simple flip of the switch to manage the charging station.

Each drawer now holds its own collection of related gadgets and documentation. Phones, cameras, music players and gaming systems are no longer spread throughout the house. Narrow drawers at the top are
perfect for storing loose rechargeable batteries and even a 15″ laptop.