Gåsgrunda Pengel Stove

Materials: Trashbasket + Toothbrush Gasket

Description: This is my Gåsgrunda Pengel Stove,

Its made out of 2 products from IKEA.
The Gåsgrunda Trashbasket
The Gåsgrunda Toothbrush Gasket

This one is very handy and reliable for all the Hackers out there.

Following equipment is needed:
1 Gåsgrunda Trashbasket
1 Gåsgrunda Toothbrush Gasket
1 Drill (for Iron) 5mm
1 Drill (for Iron) 7mm
1 Drill (for Iron) 10mm
4 Stainless Steel Brackets
8 Screws
8 Nuts

1) Drill randomly approx. 15x 5mm holes at the bottom of the Toothbrush Gasket

2) Drill 8x holes (7mm) at lower part of the Toothbrush Gasket. (Approximately 20mm above the bottom)

3) Drill 8x 10mm holes at lower part of the Trashbasket. Distance between the holes should be even.

4) Place the Toothbrush. Gasket to the backside of the lid from the Trashbasket.
The Toothbrush Gasket should be placed in the center of the lid. (Backside= is that side that faces down when the lid is placed on top)

5) Place the Brackets and mark on the backside of the lid for drilling.

6) Drill 4x 5mm holes

7) Mount the Brackets and place the Toothbrush Gasket to mark the second attachment of the Brackets.(At the side of the Toothbrush Gasket)

8) Drill holes (5mm)

9) Mount the Brackets now to the side of the Toothb. Gask.

10) Drill 2 holes in between every brackets (7mm). Approx 20mm from the top.

Now, assemble / place the Lid with the mounted Toothbrush Gasket into the Trashbasket
and your Gåsgrunda Pengel Stove is ready to be used.
No extra sealing is needed!
Please have in mind that this is a very strong Stove, it is also a very strong material.
Please be careful once you drill, since it can be somewhat “slippery”.

For a clearer idea, please watch this video:

~ Håkan, Sweden