Plenty from Lack

Suphi and Ebrar are from Istanbul and they love hacking Ikea stuff. Pretty ingeniously too. Buy two items get three. Not bad at all.

They say, “We had one Lack coffee table and another Lack TV Bench. We bought them before moving in and later realized that they were too big and unfunctional for our house. Main colours that we use in our house are white and red. And a little bit purple. Anyway, here’s what we did.

This is Lack TV Bench that we will hack.

Here we go!

We will need one Vika Lerberg red.

And one Vika Curry, red!


Ta daaa!

Add more ikea stuff…


But not finished… This is the Lack Coffee Table we will use!

And Vika Curry of course…

Hacking again…

Ta daaa!

These are the pieces left from the Lack TV Bench.

They are going to be…

The exact coffee table we wanted for ourselves. We won’t use it right there, of course.

One desk, one dining table and a coffee table from just two items.Not bad, huh?”

Jules Yap