A woody window sill

Tim gets hold of some Platta wooden decking to embellish his window sill which gives it a nice natural look.

He says, “I just made a hack using five Plattas. They were to be used for your terrace for flowers or walking on it I suppose. I don’t really know. So I used them for making a window sill because these things do look ugh most times and are also ugh expensive.

After I had sawn them apart into a smaller and a bigger part below the 3rd bar, I put them back together at 90 degree angles using brackets and screws. All this took me one hour maximum. That’s pretty much everything that’s to say about it. They lie loose on the ugly stone window sill and as far as I am concerned I think they look pretty neat. The best is that it did cost me only about 30 Euros (approx. 45 US$) including the Plattas and brackets in comparison to about 100 Euros for a window sill from the hardware store.”

Jules Yap