Charging Station

Here’s another charging station, albeit a more extensive one from Jason.

He says, “I have recently been researching a charging station for myself that
(a) was relatively inexpensive,
(b) didn’t look like something my father would own, and
(c) would last longer than a modified shoe box.

So, after a month of lurking and searching I decided to construct a floating landing strip / charging station for the entry way of my apartment. Taking a hint from the ‘desktop cable box‘ posting I constructed this piece by hacking the Ikea Bjorken bathroom wall cabinet which I got at my local Ikea in Burbank, CA for $40.

I constructed it per the instructions with the door right-aligned, except I took one of the mounting reinforcements and moved down to the bottom right inside corner to prepare the cabinet for horizontal mounting. Also, I did not install the tempered glass shelves into the unit. Before mounting it onto the wall I drilled a 2 inch hole on the left (soon to be bottom) side of the cabinet to feed the surge protector into.

I mounted it using a leveler, zip tied the slack on the chargers and voila. The cut out corners of the door can be used to feed the charger cables to the top of the unit.

Simple, clean(ish), and out of the way.

New developments:
1. I’m going to install a switch between the wall socket and the plug of the surge protector so I can turn it on and off as I like and be more green,
2. I’m going to drill another 2 inch hole on top (right side) of the cabinet to more cleanly feed the charger cables to the top surface, and
3. I want to nail the surge protector cable against the wall using those little plastic loop/nail combo thingies.

See more of Jason’s charging station here.

Jules Yap