Embroidered Mouse Pad

IKEA Lågis mouse pad, embroidery threads, sharp embroidery needle, white pencil, ruler/dense web to help the marking.

Start by designing the image you want to embroider to the mouse bad. Image should be quite simple. Google for example cross stitch patterns or check out old “pixel” games like the first Super Mario or Space invaders etc. Mark the picture with the white pencil to the mouse pad. If you like, you can you use ruler or dense plastic net to get marks in straight lines (pictures 1 & 2).

Then start stitching by following the pattern. I used half stitches (picture 4). Don’t pull the yarn too tight so that you don’t tear the mouse pad.

I use laser mouse with this mouse pad and it works very well!

See more of the embroidered mouse pad.

~ Hanne, Finland