Media stand that hides the uglies

Dan gets inspired by the vintage media center and hacks one of his own.

He says, “I recently moved into a new place with an old friend who happens to have even bigger TV than I do (oh no!). So that big bad goes in the living room, and I need to figure out how to fit this 40 inch Bravia in my room with some clean style, and how to get it not looking too much like living room equipment. The vintage entertainment hack has some nice qualities to it, but seemed higher profile than I wanted and left all the equipment exposed.

I decided to go with the Expedit (5×1) shelving unit with 6″ Capita legs. I also installed cabinets and drawers to conceal the subwoofer, electronics and the HTPC media center. For the media center I left out one of the dividers so there is an extra wide space. I placed that remaining divider at the far end of the unit so there isn’t a big gap between the cabinet doors in that extra-wide area.

One issue with this is that I needed/wanted all the cubbies to have open ended backs (the HTPC is 16.5 inches deep). In order to accomplish this and keep things stable, the cabinet doors were only installed with the singe plank they anchor into, and that is screwed into the Expedit wall. It is difficult leveling this type of installation, so be careful, and use one of the existing planks as temporary level platform if need be.”