A Bekvam and Molger bathroom remodel

This bathroom remodel is from Tricia, who claims to be the only woman she knows who sleeps with a chop saw.

Tricia tells me, “I live in an old duck-hunting cabin which was gentrified, so I am in process of de-prissying it.

I hacked a Bekvam kitchen cart to make a vanity for the small sink in an unbelievably tiny bathroom.



I reduced the depth and cut new grooves for the angle brackets (shallow cut with a circular saw). Reduced the depths of the shelves, and halved the length of the centre slat in the top shelf to give room for the waste. for symmetry I put both wheels at the back. Two coats of polyurethane.

I also used Molger benches to make cupboard doors and a bath panel. The Molger benches can be made into practically anything. That bathroom is all walnut, teak and mahogany – I made the cupboard casings from mahogany with veneer inlay over the screw heads. the doors swivel on pins top and bottom rather than hinges.
IMG_6906 IMG_6905


The vanity with the larger Hollviken sink was a dining buffet.”

Awesome bathroom, ain’t it?

Jules Yap