Cijaye gets the Perfekt scrapbooking room

The hacking is minor but the idea is a nice one. Instead of plates, the Perfekt Plate Racks houses her papers and books. Two of them form the legs for her craft table.

Cijaye says, “I had a small extra room (previously used as a spare bed/craft/toy room) that needed to be converted to an organized scrapbooking room. To accomplish this I had to have extensive work space, as well as organized scrapbook supplies storage. I found the perfekt solution. I converted 4 “Perfekt” Plate Racks from Ikea plus a PVC table top (found in the as-is room) into storage and workspace for this scrapbooking room haven!

I stuffed 3 of the shelves with collapsable storage bins (again from Ikea) and sorted all of my supplies. Then I kept one of the racks as-is to work as book ends for my many scrapbooking books and magazines. Behind the two shelves on the desk side – are 4 computer towers and my garbage bin! They are out of sight from everyone entering the room and they are all fully functional! I could not have asked for a better hack. I am in love with this space now! It is my home away from home for sure!”

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