Fintorp dish drainer becomes wall fruit basket

IKEA FINTORP wall fruit basket

My name is Patrick Quilliam and I wish to show you my hack which turns a Fintorp dish drainer into a couple of fruit/veg baskets for your wall! The reason this came about was because I was looking for some slim wire baskets that didn’t protrude too much from the wall. Those that I could find online were mega expensive, and not as nice looking.

Ikea item used: Fintorp dish drainer.

Others items/tools needed:
– hacksaw
– soldering iron and solder
– 2 x washers
– 2 x screws (make sure screws fit through washers up to the head)

1. Using a hack saw, cut off the legs of the drainer (the bit that the drip tray rests on). Cut these to the level shown in the diagram.

2. Again using a hack saw, cut the dish drainer in half lengthways as shown.


3. Don’t worry if the weld shown in the circle comes apart in the process of cutting the drainer. This gets repaired later.

4. Using a soldering iron, solder around the the two wires to reattach them and reinforce them. Once repaired, using a soldering iron attach a washer to the solder. This washer needs to be attached firmly and positioned so as to allow a screw to get into it, as it is this that will attach the basket to the wall.

5. Attach to the wall!

6. To give the thinner wires that make the floor of the basket more support, cut a piece of architrave and nail it underneath where the wires meet the wall. This gives them a ledge for them to rest on as they do have a bit of bend in them.

6. Put some fruit and or veg in them!

I hope this makes sense!