Expedit storage and room divider from HGTV guy

And we complete the day with one not so easy hack on the Expedit. This is from John Gidding, who has his own HGTV shows. And he turns it into one sexy storage-divider.

John tells us, “I modified that lovely classic, the Expedit. I modeled the shapes using Rhino and AutoCAD and used a CNC machine to mill them out.

Actually it’s all one long piece – made with two Expedit units. One unit hugs the wall as pure storage, and the other encloses a small office behind it, so yes – works as a room divider. So the above 3 photos are of the same overall design.

Below are some renderings that show how they work together – the area between the two units is where you walk into the office space.The standalone is bolted to a wall on the other end. The only side of the Expedits that’s really exposed is the one that’s been bolted – all other sides have this system attached to it. I painted the additional shelves a high-gloss white so it matched the white Expedit.

Jules Yap