Grono gets some legs

Randall, a furniture designer, does his thing on the Grono lamps.

He says, ” So many times I tell people – I look at Ikea as a “hardware store” as much as I do a Furniture retailer…No offense – I think Ikea’s awesome….just that many items they sell are so adaptable – and likely candidates for “hacking”- that I see many items there as “components” for a project – or a “project-to-be“…which is how the Grono hacks occurred.

I was in the lighting area of Ikea – and saw these cute little inoffensive cubes – I was attracted to their simplicity; and their clean lines and volume.

But, they seemed too “elemental” to me.

So, the designer started sketching…

And this is what came out!

It helped that business is slow now – and I have some extra time to “play-around”….designing and building these items as Prototypes – for a future collection of products for sale on a soon to be created “rePurposed Furniture” website.

Plenty of years of metal working  (and woodworking ) skills went into the fabrication of these “hacks”.
Like they say on TV- not recommended to try this at home.

Welding, Mag-Drill Machining, Dado-Cutting, Sandblasting,and Powder
Coating are a few of the more “Industrial” processes that I used to create these new lights – that most folks don’t keep in the garage, or basement workshops!

I hope that you and your readers may find some enjoyment from these new Lights I created using the Grono – and hope that IKEA will give me a job designing some for them!”

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