Akrobat cabinet with wall decals

Brittany brightened her old Akrobat. Wall decals are a simple way to add some interest to a piece of furniture.

She says, “I have had this Akrobat cabinet for about 10 years or so and it has moved with me at least 3 times. Originally, I purchased it to hold my vinyl, then it became a bookcase and in its final incarnation, it has been a kitchen buffet and bar area.Unfortunately, that lovely beech tone was no longer working for me and I brightened it up with paint, decals and wallpaper for the back of the cabinet itself. While I didn’t make any purpose-altering changes, it’s way cuter than before.

The real fun was taking it apart and realizing that I had saved the configuration and pricing sheet – not the assembly instructions! Nothing that a bottle of red didn’t fix.