Bamboo blackberry cradle

Just plonking your Blackberry on your dresser nestled in a trail of cords? No way for Hrishikesh. This has to be the zen of Blackberry charging. It’s a simple tweak but a solution a Blackberry user may find useful.

Hrishikesh says, “I’ve always been annoyed by my phone charger. I keep the cord out of sight behind a dresser, but when the phone is unplugged, the cord ends up on the ground and I have to fumble around for it. I also don’t love how the phone looks when it just hangs out atop my dresser — it looks kind of unconsidered and messy. I wanted to make a little spot to keep it, but I don’t have anything in the way of woodworking skills. I did discover, though, that an Ikea Molger soap dish fits my Blackberry perfectly and goes well with my teak dresser. I added rubber grip feet to the bottom of the soap dish so it doesn’t slide around the dresser top (otherwise the cord can pull it). Then I added cut small strips of Velcro and affixed them to the end of the charger and the top of the dish, for when I’m using the phone. That’s it! I’m so happy to have found a very inexpensive solution that was easy to make and looks good with my stuff, and so I wanted to share.”