Fairy tale play kitchen

Mali-mo from Norway does a few hacks on an her Ivar and out comes a dreamy play kitchen.

“I started with an Ivar box and ended up with a little fairytale-kitchen for my 2 year old daughter. I cut out the sides and the door for the stove in some cheap pine-boards. The knobs are some old leftovers, and the stove door has a Lindsdal from Ikea as a door handle. I cut out a circle for the basin, an ordinary bowl from a hardware store. The curtain is sewed from some leftovers, and the paint is also mixed from various almost-empty tins. I am absolutely no carpenter, but I have done all of this by myself and it wasn’t really that difficult, and it almost didn’t cost me anything! A very easy project-and my daughter absolutely loves it!”

play kitchenplay kitchen

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