Child’s primitive step stool

Materials: RAST bedside table

Description: Have had this RAST bedside table standing for a long time now, waiting to be hacked to a play kitchen inspired by the many seen in here…but I never had any time to do that.

Since my boy now is at that age where he’s about to learn to wash his hands etc. by himself he of course lacks the height to reach the bathroom sink.

I have seen these lovely stools on Etsy that I wanted to make myself and found some free plans for something like it online.

Roughly how it’s made:
I used one top and one side for this stool + all the screws (forgot to glue which was intended), so basically there can be made two stools out of one RAST bedside table if you purchase extra screws.
I used at table saw for all the cuts but a jigsaw or hand saw could do it. Two drills (5.5 mm and 7 mm) is needed if you plan to reuse the screws.
I also made it as tall as possible to fit under our bathroom cabinets (about 8.5″).

I plan to fill all holes and paint it so it looks old and very used – the pic’s are taken before sanding and just after assembling.

~ Kathrine Petersen, Iceland