Ikea classifieds

Well, if you’re thinking of offloading your used Ikea furniture, you gotta get creative. Like how this guy did. He demonstrates the multi-uses of Ikea trestles with the finesse of gymnast. Thank you Ashli for sending me the ad. Too funny.

I’m not sure if the legs are still available but if you are in the market for a pair, you gotta get them from him. Hop over to craigslist now.

Talking about classifieds ads, have you seen Ikea Nation? It’s kinda like craigslist but dedicated to all things Ikea. Wunderbar. It’s free too. Woohoo! At a glance the navigation looks good with searches by categories or States (US only, unfortunately for me). The prices looks even better. Spotted a Mikael computer desk going for $60 (new, $109) and a Karlstad Loveseat going for $0. Zilch. Nada. Sounds like the place to score your next Ikea hacking items.

Anyone have any experience buying or selling on it? Do share with us.