IKEA Introduces Anchor and Unlock Innovation to Reduce Tip Over Risk

ikea vihals with anchor and unlock feature
Photo Credit: IKEA.com

IKEA has taken a significant step towards improving furniture safety. A week ago, the Swedish home furnishing giant announced its inaugural patent pledge, offering its Anchor and Unlock innovation for broader adoption.

This innovative feature is designed to enhance furniture stability, specifically addressing the prevention of tip-over incidents, aligning with IKEA’s ongoing commitment to customer safety.

At the core of IKEA’s initiative is the VIHALS chest of drawers, the first global product to feature Anchor and Unlock. This technology aims to reduce the risk of furniture tip-overs and represents a notable step in IKEA’s journey to enhance the stability of clothing storage furniture.

Tragic history

IKEA has weathered several incidents of furniture tipping over in recent years. These incidents have prompted the company to take action to improve safety.

In response, IKEA has launched several initiatives, including the recall of millions of dressers and other furniture items, as well as the implementation of new safety measures and warnings on its products.

The company has also launched a national campaign to educate consumers on the importance of anchoring furniture to prevent tip-over accidents. While IKEA has taken steps to address this issue, it remains a sobering reminder of the importance of furniture safety and the need for consumers to take precautions to protect themselves and their families.

Prioritizing Safety: The Anchor and Unlock Innovation

IKEA firmly believes in securing clothing storage furniture to the wall for maximum safety. The Anchor and Unlock feature encourages customers to properly anchor their chests or dressers. When correctly anchored, the unlock mechanism enables users to open multiple drawers simultaneously. Without proper anchoring, only a limited number of drawers can be accessed. This feature not only minimizes tip-over risks but also emphasizes the importance of wall anchoring for chest of drawers.

The VIHALS chest of drawers is the first IKEA product to incorporate Anchor and Unlock. Customers can choose from three versions, including a 4-drawer chest and two 6-drawer dressers, all part of the VIHALS storage solutions range for a cohesive home look.

Marie Klaesson, Manager for Range Area Bedroom Furniture at IKEA of Sweden, stated, “VIHALS is just the beginning. In the years ahead, we will continue to develop products with innovative stability features for our global customers. Each product will offer a tailored solution, incorporating different features and innovations.”

Continuing the Stability Journey: GREÅKER Cabinet

IKEA’s commitment to safety extends to its recently introduced GREÅKER cabinet, which features custom hinges designed to open at a controlled angle, further enhancing stability. Like other IKEA products, GREÅKER should always be anchored to the wall to ensure maximum safety.

A Pledge for Collaboration

IKEA, with its 80 years of experience in improving life at home, has accumulated a wealth of patented inventions related to clothing storage furniture stability. Carl Ervér, patent manager at IKEA of Sweden, commented, “At IKEA, we value our innovations and protect them through patents. However, in this case, we hope others will consider adopting Anchor and Unlock for their products too. For us, clothing storage furniture stability is about collaboration rather than competition.”

IKEA’s patent pledge outlines the terms under which others can adopt the Anchor and Unlock innovation, aiming to encourage furniture manufacturers to follow suit. For more details, visit the patent pledge page on IKEA.com.

Embracing Innovation: IKEA’s Commitment

IKEA’s journey of innovation continues, as it remains dedicated to developing clothing storage furniture with new stability benefits and features. All IKEA chests of drawers currently meet industry standards in markets where they are sold and are safe when properly anchored, following assembly instructions.

For decades, IKEA has included tip-over restraints with taller chests of drawers and other products, emphasizing the importance of wall anchoring. The goal is to make anchoring furniture second nature to customers.

IKEA looks forward to ongoing collaboration with the industry, legislators, regulators, standard-setting committees, consumer safety advocates, and customers to promote safe furniture use and create safer homes.

With a commitment to designing products that withstand the rigors of everyday life, IKEA strives to make homes a safer place for everyone.

Jules Yap