Makeup stand hack

Konstantin hacks a dresser for his girlfriend.

“I could not wait to come up with an own hack that fits my new apartment in Berlin. I tried building shelves on my own from scratch, but that is more expensive, less flexible and does not even look better. So here you go – that is my first Ikea creation. I was inspired by the floating Billies hack and a few other hacks where putting a plank on a dresser or chests of drawers making them tables. The aim was to build a makeup table for my girlfriend, that matches the other furniture in the bedroom, beautify the naked wall and not take up too much space. I used a white Koppang dresser, mounted it on the wall and put a black plank on it that I found in the Ikea ‘as-is’ department. An old Ikea mirror is mounted horizontally above. That black and white furniture perfectly fits my set of Odda wardrobes.”

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