Besta tv stand with seating option

Materials: 2 besta cabinets and a big slab of oak

Description: We wanted a multi purpose cabinet that would fit our small living. The room is narrow and has a weird corner so we decided that a piece of furniture the same width as the corner would look best. For that reason a floating or at least raised cabinet was also a wish. Second it would be helpful if it was possible to sit upon so we would have extra seating when we entertain guests. And third we have an 8 month old son so sturdy to withstand bashing with toys was required.

Besta media unit with bench seating

Ikea Besta didn’t exactly meet all those criteria, but with the addition of an oak countertop it did. We orderded a slab of rustic oak cut to size. It’s slightly wider than the Besta cabinets are deep as to fit the corner. This also makes it possible to hide cables behind the cabinets. When it arrived we just adjoined the two pieces of wood together (glue and dowel connection) and with wall achors attached it to the wall. We assembled the Ikea cabinets, put them in place, temporarely used glue clamps to get them at the right location and then screwed them to the bottom of the oak.

~ Marsha, The Netherlands