Signum cable manager to handbag rack

Jana found another use for the Signum cable manager. So if you’ve got one of those lying around too, here’s a great tip on what to do with it.

“Two years ago I bought a new desk and also a Signum cable manager horizontal. After setting the desk up I realised that I don’t need the cable manager and so it was gathering dust in a corner. One day my mom visited, saw this, saw my handbags lying around and suggested using the cable manager as hook. So we simply applied it directly to the wall of my closet with some screws and voilá you have immediately 30 hooks on the upper side. If you are really desperate you can attach small S-hooks to the bottom side and you are with 60 hooks on a space of 1 meter. It’s not overly stylish but it’s simple and my handbags have a place to go.”