Spice up your Grundtal racks

Autumn does some mixing and matching to get the idea Grundtal rack.

“In setting up a Grundtal rail next to our stove, I found that the Grundtal spice rack was not deep or tall enough for the larger bottles that we use while cooking. And the Grundtal wall rack/dish drainer is not tall enough for bottles. So, I combined the Grundtal spice rack frame with the shelf from the wall rack to make a tall, deep shelf (see the rack on the right side of the lower rail), and then a spice rack frame and spice rack shelf with a wall rack shelf to make a two-tiered shelf (see the lower left rack).

The tall, deep shelf was easy, since all you have to do is screw the wall rack shelf to the spice rack frame. To avoid having holes show in the frame where the spice rack shelves are missing, we just used the existing screws to plug the holes. (Note that there’s a little bit of bend to this rack, especially with heavy glass bottles on it. If it bothers you, you can always just screw the whole thing into the wall where the non-functional screws are.) The two-tiered shelf was a little trickier, since the two kinds of shelves are not exactly the same width. We used a drill bit designed for drilling metal to drill an extra hole into the spice rack shelf so that the holes would match the width of the wall rack shelf. I acknowledge that this isn’t an extremely cost-effective hack, since you end up with a lot of extra Grundtal parts, but even double-buying at Ikea is cheaper than the alternatives! And you can always mount the extra shelves directly to the wall per the Ikea instructions.

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