DJ turntable setup out Ikea media center

David salvages an old Ikea media unit and whips it into a DJ desk.

“I was looking for a desk to house a pair of Technics 1200 turntables. They’re fairly wide, so most desks don’t accommodate them. DJ desks can come in at around $600, which is far more than I wanted to spend. I had this Ikea media center I bought in 2006 that almost fit, but not quite. So I bought some lumber from Home Depot, stained it, and attached it. It was about $26 in lumber and only took an afternoon to assemble. The key is that the top of the media center popped off, so I could attach the posts securely. It may be similar to Linnarp, but I can’t find the exact model. The top part of the media center is part of the original Ikea unit. (solid pine). The posts and the top surface of the desk are from Home Depot.”