Easy Expedit Entertainment

Materials: Ikea Expedit 2×4, glue, drill

Description: We wanted an entertainment center that hold our vinyl records so we bought the Expedit. The only problem was that we wanted to put our stereo system and DVD player in it instead of on top next to the TV. The squares were too narrow to fit our system. So we left out one of the middle dividers for the squares. This made 5 squares around one rectangle in the middle of the unit. Then we used the extra divider/shelf for support by placing it centered in the middle rectangle a few inches from the edge. This also made a nice spot to hide wires by passing them around and taping them to the back and supported the TV.

Here is the instructions with pictures:

1) Assemble normally but skip the top middle divider and top, you will need to cut the pegs in half that you use to secure the bottom center divider since there will not be a divider on top of it. But leave the inner most hole on the back side open, you will re use it later.

2) Measure and drill holes in the top so you can place the last divider sideways, I reused the holes on the divider as well as added a center hole.

3) Use the unused pegs to place you new support back

tip – glue everything!

See more of the Expedit entertainment centre.

~ Jon, MA,USA