The lowdown on the Expedit TV unit

Tess (and Patrick) share the latest project they undertook to convert a boxy Expedit TV unit into a low slung one.

“My husband Patrick thought we’d share the latest project we undertook a few weeks ago! We bought the Expedit TV Storage Unit in 2007. It did a great job not only holding our TV and book/DVD collection, but hiding an ugly fireplace in our living room. When we moved last year, the tall, boxy TV unit still served it’s purpose for our storage needs, but in our new living room, rendered the far corner of the room ‘dead space’. We decided a long-and-low TV/bookcase storage unit that stretched the length of the room would be ideal. After searching around for freestanding and built-in options costing $$$$s, the answer was staring us in the face all the time – why not take apart our TV unit and put it back together as two separate bookcases? All we needed to buy was material for the end pieces, and some wooden planks plus MDF board cut-to-size and painted did the job. Granted there was a lot of extra holes drilled and long screws holding it together (and a lot of dowls!) and the top surface does have a few superfluous screw holes exposed. But for under $100 we now have a ‘custom built’ TV and storage unit that fits perfectly in our living room.”