A modular coffee-side table

I like this one from Andrew. It’s simple, no doubt but it allows for many uses – working on your laptop at the sofa, eat (though unhealthy) while watching TV. Nice work.

“When I couldn’t find any side tables I could hide out of the way by my sofa for use as laptop stands I decided to make them myself  using a pair of Ekby Statlig 119×28 shelves. Each table was made from a single shelf by cutting 310mm lengths from each end for the top and bottom, leaving me with a 570mm piece for the back. I fixed it together using threaded rods held in place on the back pieces with epoxy and then nuts to clamp in place the top and bottom.

As a bonus when they’re laid down they can also act like a coffee table on their own or could be flipped to support a larger top, glass maybe.”