A closet to snuggle in

Kathy added a few touches to the Pax wardrobe to create this warm, woody closet. If I didn’t know better, I’ll think it’s a spa and stretch out for a massage.

“I found your web site quite by accident and felt I had located long lost relatives I never knew existed. I have been hacking Ikea items for years but never knew the practice had a name (or a following). Here are photos of just one of my favorite projects. This is my master bedroom closet that I outfitted entirely in Ikea pieces (mostly Pax wardrobes but also drawer units that I’ve forgotten the name of and the ever-popular Expedit. (I worship at the altar of Expedit.)

I started with plain, birch wardrobe doors and embellished them with 4 elements:
– brown and black toile wrapping paper
– expanded metal that I custom-painted with hammered bronze spray paint
– wood trim that I also painted with hammered bronze spray paint
– and finally, door handles made from curtain rods screwed in sideways

I also mounted a Christmas wreath around the main light and wired it to a remote control switch. I use it for ambient lighting.

It is my favorite room in the house, even though it’s only a closet. Enjoy!”