Stolmen post room divider

Very clever use of the Stolmen poles to create a room divider. Kudos, Andrew!

stolmen post room divider
Waiting for the Stolmen room divider to be set up


“An Ikea hack I just completed in order to create a partition in my studio apartment in Greenwich Village.

I used two Stolmen posts as the spine for this partition composed of 8 bowed spars I designed and built across which will be stretched over by a large canvas drop-cloth. The aim was to create a partition for the studio to preserve a separate sleeping area without leaving any trace on the walls, ceiling or floor.

Ikea Hack Partition from Andrew Schwalm on Vimeo.

It’s actually quite sturdy and we will eventually hang a painting on it.”

I’ve just realised (quite recently, duh!) that embedded videos, don’t turn up on some feeds. So just for you guys reading this post on a reader, click here to view the video.

Jules Yap