Dishy jewelry plate

Here’s a pretty little thing from Karen.

“I wanted to share this hack because it’s so easy to do and inexpensive as well. I have tons of jewelry and was looking for a simple, pretty way to organize them. This really easy hack consists of a white porcelain 365+ series Drom side plate ($3.99) and the Neglinge candle holder (just 49 cents!). I used clear caulk to glue the two peices together (just a couple drops on the edges of the candle holder is sufficient), and now I have a small jewelry stand that I can hang earrings off of and place jewelry on. This hack can of course be done with any ikea plate (there were so many cool ones I had a hard time choosing…I’ll definitely be making more of these with larger plates considering all the jewelry I have) and any Ikea item that can be utilized as a stand.”